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"NINKY token aims to provide a way for mobile game(Idle Ninja Online) users to bring their in-game items to reality. It also allows the Idle Ninja Online community to thrive, allowing users to share better experiences. NINKY is a BEP20 Standard compliant token registered on the Binance Smart Chain. The token contract can be verified through Bscscan.( NINKY tokens acquired in the game and transferred to the blockchain are 100% owned by the player who is the owner of the wallet. Users can earn NINKY while playing the game and purchase rare in-game goods through the NINKY Shop. In addition, another value can be obtained by depositing/withdrawing tokens outside the blockchain using NINKY farm and the linked wallet. NINKY will be the first bond that combines the Idle Ninja Online game, a real working economic system, with blockchain. Through this, players will escape from the closed economy, and experience the open economy using blockchain and diversity created through it."