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Mars protocol is a protocol for the future: non-custodial, open source, transparent, algorithmic and community-governed. On Mars, there are no limits. Built atop the Ethereum blockchain, Mars Protocol will be the first protocol to utilize dynamic rates that can adapt to changing market conditions. Mars is the foundation for a new constellation of not just financial products but of governance and collaboration. Staking Dapp $MARS holders can stake their tokens directly via our staking dApp. The dApp and staking pool will be operational shortly after launch, Staking rewards will be paid out in native tokens. More pools will be considered moving forward. Staking the Mars Protocol token (MARS) will give you the right to ascend to the Citadel and take a seat on the Martian Council. Here, you'll help the protocol shape the very future, not just of our planet, but of the entire Ethereum Galaxy and beyond. Mars Protocol DAO Our DAO is a step in an ongoing plot to achieve Space domination. Your voice matters here. We believe in the power of individuals over corporations; of innovation over the status quo; and of giving a voice to the ones with skin in the game. Mars protocol offers the opportunity to help create a truly free and decentralized future... one where we take the 1%'s financial tools and freedoms and deliver them to the 99%. Anyone can without permission contribute to the DAO's development by making a proposal to the DAO. Together, our protocols aim is to build the leading DeFi protocol; We hope to inspire teams across the space to join us and help contribute.