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Discord role stores

Buying items

To access a server's role store, use the $store command. You will be shown all available items and their prices.

A list of items along with the command you need to use to buy the item.

Once you purchase an item, a subscription of the role you've purchased will be created or extended. Use $store subscriptions to view your active subscriptions.

List of active subscriptions.

Selling roles on your server

As of now, the store feature only allows selling role subscriptions. To put a role on sale, simply use the $store sell command and follow through the creation process. You will be asked to specify:

  • item name (e.g. "30 days of VIP"),
  • name of the role being sold,
  • subscription duration (minutes, hours, or days),
  • price in fiat or crypto.

After you're done the item will be automatically listed and available for anyone to buy with the $store buy command.

Information about the listed item along with the commands you need to use to buy, gift or remove the item.

You can also gift the item to anyone, free of charge, with the $store gift command. To remove an item from the store, use $store delete. Both commands should be followed by the generated item identifier.

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