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Crazy Internet Coin is the native coin for CIC Chain, a hybrid layer 1 blockchain that is fast, cheap, scalable and upgradable. CIC is a governance and utility coin for CIC Chain, which has been dubbed the most intelligent smart contract platform on the planet, due to the vast versatility that the platform offers. CICLabs, the company behind the blockchain have huge ambitions to become a catalyst towards the mass adoption of blockchain technology by systematically disrupting different industries and educating the masses. The team have pledged to remove as much technical jargon from their platform as possible, to ensure the ease of use for the next generation of blockchain enthusiasts. CIC Chain was built for everybody and Crazy Internet Coin has a sensible and robust strategy to achieve their goals. The majority of the CIC supply is currently locked in cold storage, however in Q4 of 2022 CIC Chain will launch its governance DAO which aims to truly decentralise the governance of the chain, at the address level. Users will be able to stake their CIC and earn rewards whilst voting on the way in which the project is managed. This removes the possibility of malicious behaviour by the team and will allow the community to truly get involved in the way in which the project grows.