Tipping, as well as pretty much all other interactions with the bot, are done via chat commands. They're simply messages prefixed with, by default, $.

Although the tip command is as basic as $tip @user amount, it's flexible and replaces commands known as rains, soaks or sprinkles of other bots. This guide will help you unleash its full potential.

Tip recipients

Not only you can target a single user, but also whole groups of people – whether by comma-separating them, mentioning a role on Discord, or using special keywords.

Syntax Who it targets
@user Targets a single mentioned user.
@role Targets a Discord role.
@here/@everyone Targets everyone online on your current Discord channel.
voice Tips everyone on your Discord voice channel.
speaking Tips everyone active (not muted/deafened) on your Discord voice channel.
streamer Tips the current Go Live streamer on your Discord voice channel.

When tipping a group of users (raining), you can use modifiers to select precisely which users you want to target, based on their activity, online status, etc., by using modifiers.

Syntax Who it targets
all Choose users regardless their online status. By default, when raining, only online users are selected.
online/offline Choose users based on their online status.
a number Limit the rain to this number of people. This has an upper limit set by the chat admin, and by default it's 40.
active Chooses users based on their recent activity on the current channel. Specify precise limits by using, for example, active last 100 messages or active last 5 hours. Note that the bot only remembers a channel's last 500 messages. Add the all modifier before to also target users who were active but are logged off.
boosting Tips recent Discord Nitro server boosters. Specify precise time limits by using, for example, boosting last 1 day or boosting since last 1 hour.
random Picks a random person or a number of people.

You can combine modifiers together, for example:

  • all @Developers to tip all members of the Developers role, regardless of their online status;
  • 5 random members to tip 5 random online members;
  • all @VIPs active last 5 hours to tip VIPs who've spoken on the channel within the last 5 hours, regardless of their online status;
  • all to tip everyone on the channel, online and offline.

By default, when tipping a group of people, your tip will be split evenly between them. You can add the each keyword after your tip amount if you want your specified amount to be tipped to each instead of being split.


There are 3 basic types of amounts you can use for tipping:

  • coins
  • fiat
  • monikers


Amount will be tipped in the native currency without any conversions. Example coin values: 0.1 btc, 100 satoshi, 5k doge, 5 monero.


The tip amount will be converted to the default or selected currency using current exchange rates. Example fiat values: $1.50 (will use chat's default cryptocurrency), $5 eth (for $5 worth of Ether), 5 cents, 100 eur.


Monikers are custom arbitrary values like donuts or slices of pizza. When fiat monikers are used, the amount will be converted to chat's default cryptocurrency. See $monikers for a full list of monikers available on the chat you're on. Monikers are usually not available for airdrops or games.

Example monikers include:

Moniker Value
cookie $0.30
donut $0.35
pizza $10.00
beer $3.50
cup of coffee $1.50
lambo $467,000.00

Creating custom monikers