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Airdrops are a way to reward active users on your chat. Anyone can start an airdrop or leave a red envelope full of coins for any user to collect. The creator gets to decide for how long it can be collected, and how many users can collect it.

Starting airdrops

To start an airdrop, use the $airdrop command, followed by the amount you want to drop (coin and fiat amount types are supported), and optionally the time limit (preferrably in a simplified format like 30m for 30 minutes or 3d for 3 days; up to 14 days), and user limit. For example, $airdrop $1 30m 10 will create an airdrop of $1 total, for up to 30 minutes or up to 10 users (after which the airdrop will end). The reward will get split between participating users evenly.

Collecting airdrops

On Discord, you can collect airdrops created by other users by using the 🎉 reaction on the message. You will receive your reward after the airdrop ends. Keep in mind the airdrop amount is split evenly between all participants.

Simply click the 🎉 icon under an airdrop to collect it.

Other types of airdrops

On some platforms there are other types of airdrops available. Here's a couple:

Red envelope

A red envelope is simply an airdrop that can only be collected by one user. Use the $redenvelope command, followed by the amount and time limit (no user limit - it defaults to 1) to leave a red envelope.

Red envelopes are collected with the 🧧 reaction.

Trivia drop

A trivia drop will ask the users a simple, cryptocurrency-related question, and will reward all who answer correctly. Answers are sent as normal messages on the chat. The bot will notify users who answered correctly via a DM and only will disclose the answer after the drop is done.

The bot will ask the users a random question. The answer to this question is 10 minutes 😉.

The $triviadrop command uses similar syntax to the $airdrop command, except the maximum time limit is 10 minutes. There currently is no way to add custom questions to the questions database.

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