Creating airdrops

Airdrops are a way to reward active users. Anyone can start an airdrop or leave a red envelope full of coins for any user to collect. You get to decide for how long it can be collected, and how many users can collect it.

How do I start an airdrop on Discord?

First make sure your wallet has enough balance of the coin you want to airdrop. If not, refer to the depositing guide.

To start an airdrop use $airdrop <amount> for [duration] for [max entries], for example $airdrop $1 for 30 minutes for 10 users will create a $1 airdrop collectable for 30 minutes by up to 10 users, and $airdrop $1 10s will create an 10 second airdrop of $1, collectable by any amount of users. The reward will get split evenly.

Red envelopes

Red envelopes are similar to airdrops, except only one person can pick it up. Try for example $redenvelope 0.1 mbtc 30s to create a 0.1 mBTC envelope that will disappear after 30 seconds.

Other types of airdrops

Besides regular airdrops, also offers a few more "games", like:

  • trivia drop, which asks users a random, ABCD or true/false question, and rewards all who answer correctly,
  • math drop, which challenges other members with a mathematical equation of your choice,
  • music drop, which will make the bot join your voice channel, play a random song, and reward all who guess the song correctly.

All mentioned games and more information about them are available under their respective commands, $triviadrop, $mathdrop, and $musicdrop.