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Doge Lumens is a utility token built using the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP), a faster, cheaper, and completely decentralized network. $DXLM provides a frictionless way to move value across borders, helping bank the unbanked and support peer to peer solutions throughout the metaverse and beyond. Our mission - To empower the crypto community with a simpler, quicker and less expensive alternative to more and store digital value. We put our holders at the center of our ecosystem. $DXLM can be used in real life for transactions as well as in the metaverse. Doge Lumens is a utility solution that helps simplify De-fi, creating a network throughout the metaverse, while still allowing transactions peer to peer at lightning-fast speed. $DXLM is a community focused token with real world utility. The network helps make cross-border transactions faster, cheaper, and more efficient for the masses. We continually listen to our community, innovate on these ideas and create new and exciting ways for Doge Lumens, $DXLM to be the token of choice for today's transfers and tomorrow's digital lives. Doge Lumens trusted approach to Cryptocurrency is to integrate all community assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem making business truly efficient, transparent and reliable. The Doge Lumens team has developed a unique distribution model where active participants of the Doge Lumens community can claim a percent of this distribution wallet every day based on your experience point in the DXLM-FI ecosystem. These tokens have been set aside to be claimed by our community until the wallet has been fully shared. A lot more good surprise for the users and members!