How can I swap my coins without KYC?

Due to the sheer number of airdrops and tips received through, it is common to end up with a variety of cryptocurrencies in your wallet. Oftentimes, you may only want a certain coin or token rather than all of the others. It is possible to swap your coins, either with other people on Discord or by using an online service like Swapzone.

Why can’t you swap using operates as a wallet that holds your coins and not as an exchange. In many countries, there are KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements for exchanges. It isn’t feasible for to collect the identities of its users to allow them to trade. The owner of the bot also doesn’t want to have to collect user identities just so that people can use

How can you swap coins on Discord?

To swap your coins and tokens that you have on the bot, you can use a third party Discord server that allows trading to occur using It isn’t run by the developer of and is generally best for small trades. The server has been around since late 2020 and has since been improved significantly. For example, when the server started out, it only allowed for trades between users who had to trust each other. Now, there is a solution to this problem: a Discord bot that removes the requirement for users to trust each other.

If you have coins to trade, first check the #trade-offers channel to see if someone else has what you want and will take what you have. If there aren’t any good offers, then you can create your own in the same channel or ask others in one of the trading channels.

Once you have decided to trade with someone, then you can follow the next steps. First, one of the users can open a channel using (a third-party bot) inside the trading server. Then, the users can tip the agreed upon amounts to, which will hold the coins in escrow. One person can run the command to confirm the trade and then the other can confirm. If one user doesn’t confirm the trade, the funds will be sent back to the original senders. If they do confirm it, the trade will be completed.

To join the unofficial trading server, you can go to

How can you swap larger amounts of crypto?

It is more worthwhile to swap larger amounts of crypto outside of because there is often more liquidity and less time spent searching for someone to trade with. There are many non-custodial options, meaning that the coins are only deposited for the trade itself and aren’t stored in the exchange. While many of the larger exchanges require KYC verification, Swapzone is a great option for quick and easy swaps without KYC.

Swapzone finds the best rate for your swap across many different non-custodial exchanges. It also displays information about each exchange, such as an ETA and a KYC rating. This rating allows you to determine which exchange to use if you don’t want to run the risk of having to do KYC verification. Some of the exchanges have a high rating of 3/3, which means that the exchange often asks for identification while swapping.

Once you have decided on the coins you want to swap and the exchange you want to use, you can generate a deposit address in for the coin you want to receive. Then, you can withdraw from to the address provided by Swapzone. To do this, you can follow the withdrawal and deposit guide below.

For more information and to swap coins or tokens, visit To withdraw from and deposit to you can visit the guide on depositing and withdrawing from

Wrap Up

For people who would rather have cash, multiple methods of cashing out are explained in our how to cash out coins without KYC tutorial. Those include cash through Bitcoin ATMs, gift cards, and buying products online with crypto.