Top 10 Crypto Podcasts to Follow in 2023

Here are the top 10 crypto podcasts that should be in your library in 2023.

Top 2023 Podcasts for Crypto Enthusiasts

1. Unchained

Run by Laura Shin, Unchained is about inviting industry experts to speak on different topics from crypto and blockchain. Through her interaction with the guest speakers, Laura Shin explores the transforming relationship between money and NFT.

In addition to listening to the guests, the podcaster also shares opinions and insights on this industry. You need to listen to this podcast because the podcaster has the required credentials to run an authentic source of information and because of the guest speakers making attendance here.

2. What Bitcoin Did?

What Bitcoin Did is hosted by Peter McCormack, who provides educational content driven by Bitcoin’s capabilities. The host explains how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are filling the gaps in the existing financial ecosystem.

The host is an expert in modern economics and decentralized finance. Using this knowledge, Peter McCormack and the guests on the show cover a wide range of topics to enlighten the listeners. This podcast stands out as the podcaster shares key takeaways and beginner-friendly advice.

3. The Breakdown

The Breakdown shares analysis and deep insights on the latest events in the cryptocurrency world. The showrunner, Nathaniel Whittemore, talks about several topics from and connected to the crypto industry. Listeners will get detailed information on topics like finance, blockchain, geopolitics, central banking, and DeFi, among others.

The best thing about this topic is how easy it is to digest the information. The podcaster shares incredible information, lays down all the facts about the topic, and entertains the listeners.

4. Bankless

Bankless is on our list of top crypto podcasts for 2023 because of the guide it has become for entrepreneurs and beginner investors. For those who want to gain more information about cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and all the other forms of digital assets, this is the one.

Run by Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman, Bankless is all about sharing news on different forms of technology associated with the crypto industry. Moreover, the podcaster duo shares strategies and tactics to discover new opportunities in this industry.

5. The Bad Crypto

The Bad Crypto is about sharing insights and the latest information plus news. Podcasters Joel Comm and Travis Wright share their opinions and facts about changes in prices, market sentiments, and its patterns. Using this information, the listeners, who are mostly crypto enthusiasts wanting to gain more information about the market.

The podcasters share information on how to start investing in crypto. They also share important news about the market, whether it is bullish or bearish, and what to do in this particular instance.

6. Crypto 101

Crypto 101 is exactly how it sounds, as Aaron Malone and Bryce Paul educate young and newbie crypto investors to get on top of the crypto craze. They tear down the complex financial and technicalities of the crypto space and help them understand the lingo in a simple language.

With this information, these podcasters are making it easy for listeners to make good investment strategies. The authors share news about different blockchain projects and how disruptive is the fintech industry.

7. The Coin Bureau

Podcaster Guy Turner shares unbiased opinions and information about all types of cryptocurrencies and coins. The listeners will get precise and crucial information right off the bat in the podcast. The great thing about this podcast, except for the information, is how the podcaster presents it.

The podcast’s content is objective, and the podcaster’s wittiness makes listening to the audio content more enjoyable. Through impressive oratory skills and understanding, the podcast makes even the most complex topics of this industry easy to understand.

8. Opinionated

Opinionated podcast runs in a roundtable debate format where you will listen to discussions on controversial topics and news within the crypto space. The podcast is hosted by Ben Schiller, Anna Baydakova, and Danny Nelson, who indulge in friendly but enlightening discussions about the latest issues in the crypto space.

Because the opinions of podcasters vary across different dimensions, the listeners get a holistic view of the topics and gain a better understanding.

9. Stephan Livera

The Stephan Livera podcast is among the top-rated podcasts and is included in the list of best podcasts every year. The ideal audience for this podcast are intermediate to advanced-level crypto enthusiasts and investors. The host talks about different types of news and insights from the crypto space and its impact. Globally, the Stephan Livera podcast is popular for its educational content and economic understanding.

10. The Defiant

Camila Russo hosts The Defiant podcast, where guest speakers and the hosts deliver in-depth insights to the listeners. The unique thing about this podcast is that none of the speakers indulge into a chaotic debate with the host. Furthermore, the audience receives a neutral opinion about a wide range of subjects from the industry. The host focuses on spreading awareness about the benefits of DeFi and its impact in the modern world. This podcast is for those who want to expand their thinking horizon and gain a guided tour delivered by experts and analysts.

Final Take

The crypto industry is already gaining prominence to the extent that even some governments have started to integrate crypto into their financial system. To gain the daily dose of crypto knowledge, make sure to follow any of these top podcasts and stay up to date.