Selling ranks on your Discord server

Want to make a few bucks off your Discord servers? With you can sell ranks/roles, for users to unlock secret channels, be granted exclusive tips and airdrops, and many other things! We offer this feature absolutely free of fees!

Setting up and the server for selling roles

First, make sure you have full Administrator permissions on your server. Then in the Roles page of your Discord server's setting, move above any roles you want to sell, and grant it Manage roles permissions. Otherwise, it won't be able to give these roles, or remove them when the subscription ends.

How to sell roles on my Discord server for crypto?

To put a role on sale, make sure you have an simply use the $store sell command and follow through the creation process. You will be asked to specify:

  • item name (e.g. "30 days of VIP"),
  • name of the role being sold,
  • subscription duration (minutes, hours, or days),
  • price in fiat or crypto.

After you're done the item will be automatically listed and available for anyone to buy with the $store buy command. All proceeds from item sales go immediately to your account.

How do I remove an item from the store?

Buying and gifting items

A full list of items available to buy on your server will show up if you use the $store buy command. Under each item there's a command that needs to be used to purchase the item, e.g. $store buy vip.

You can also gift the item to anyone, with the $store gift command. Administrators can use this command free of charge!