Configuration on a Discord server

Use the $config command to customize the bot's behavior on your server.

Currencies requires you to choose a default cryptocurrency for the server (and by default it is Bitcoin), which will be used for conversion when any tip or airdrop amount is specified in fiat or fiat moniker values. Besides that you can disable or enable any cryptocurrency that supports.

Default server currency

To set the default server currency (by default Bitcoin), use the $config currency command. All fiat amounts in tips, airdrops, etc., will use this currency, unless specified otherwise (e.g. a $1 eth tip).

Other server currencies

Besides the default server currency, will enable all the other cryptocurrencies to be tipped on your server. You can edit the list of supported currencies with $config currencies.

To enable/disable a few currencies at a time you can use $config currencies enable/disable btc, eth, $config currencies disable all, etc.

Fiat conversions

By default will show the USD value of tips, airdrops and balances. To change the currency of conversions, use the $config fiat command. You can also disable conversions completely with $config hideconversions yes.

Command prefix

If you want to change the command prefix from the default $, use $config prefix followed by the prefix. Keep in mind you can always access the bot by mentioning it instead of using the prefix, like help (which might be useful if you forget your prefix).

Tip and rain pings

You can prevent the bot from mentioning users in tip or rain messages with $config pings no (to disable pings in all tip messages) and $config rainpings no (to just disable pings in rain messages).

Minimum rains

Set the minimum value of rain per user with $config minrain. Can be specified in fiat or your server's default currency. Rains of which amount per user is lower than this value cannot be made.

Maximum rain recipients

$config maxtipped allows you to set the maximum amount of people that can be tipped in a single rain. By default this value is 40, but the maximum is 250. Above 40, rain messages might get split into a few messages, causing extra spam, so it's recommended to keep this value low.

Tip log channel

If you want to keep track of all tips made on your server, use $config logchannel to set a channel to which all tips will be logged.

Custom monikers

Server administrators can also create custom monikers for their servers. Use $moniker create to create them, and $moniker delete name to remove any you created.

Leaderboard bans

To remove cheaters from the $top leaderboard, use $top ban followed by mentioning them.