How do I use the Discord faucet?

If you want to receive a small amount of cryptocurrency, then the $faucet command is just for you. You can get a few cents of any cryptocurrency you want as long as the faucet has some of it.

How can I receive coins from the faucet?

Use $faucet followed by the cryptocurrency of your choice in DMs or in a server like This example uses Bitcoin, but you can check any cryptocurrency on by using the command. If the message from looks like the message below, then you can follow the guide. If it says that it is empty, try a different cryptocurrency until you find one that isn’t empty. Faucet reward being granted

How do I vote and receive the coins?

Server Boosters

People who use their server boost on the server get 5x the reward when using the faucet. To find out how to do that, follow the server boost guide.